Hey there, my name is Karl.

I am a UX designer that's passionate about usability optimisation and research.

user Research

Adviser Suite

An research project for a pan-African client who is in the financial services sector to understand their users and their user's experience with the Adviser Suite web platform to find ways to optimise this crucial system and improve engagement.

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Research and ux


An assignment for a South African fintech startup where I conducted research and developed UX recommendations that aim to find an MVP solution that can help cash users go digital by meeting their needs.

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Web app design


A personal project for a UX centred design sprint. This web app provides digital nomads with more relevant and up-to-date offers for their unique travel needs on a dashboard that provides easier and more consistent engagement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your design process?
At the heart of my design process lies an iterative approach, where I aim to constantly refine the designs based on feedback and insights gained from each step.

The four key stages of my process are to Understand the user and problem space, Design alternatives to ensure a carefully thought out approach, Prototype based on the goals for testing, and Evaluate how the designs perform to improve them in the next iterations.

It is however not always possible to follow an ideal process. Therefore, I will often plan out my approach to leverage various methodologies that fit the constraints and goals of each unique project.
How do you feel about working in teams?
I have found that effective collaboration and communication is vital to the success of any team. This is why I always strive to ensure close collaboration with the teams and stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle whether we are using a Waterfall or Agile approach.

By fostering a culture of mutual respect, trust, and open communication, we can work together to foster a pleasant working environment and leverage everyone’s unique skills at and perspectives at each stage of the design process to ensure more effective teams.
What's your favourite UX design book?
Two of my favourite UX books are "Acting with Technology" by Bonnie A. Nardi and "Ubiquitous computing fundamentals" by John Krumm.

"Acting with Technology" explores the role of technology in everyday life and how people use and experience it. Nardi's book was a profound exposition of the foundational theory in interaction design, Activity Theory, which emphasises the importance of understanding the user's context to create more user-centred designs.

"Ubiquitous computing fundamentals" provides and extremely interesting and inspiring journey into the history of how the modern day technology we design for came about thanks to experts in various fields like Interaction Design. This helps us by demonstrating the different parts that make up ubiquitous computing to learn from their work to create modern day ubiquitous computing experiences.
What are some UX principles that guide your work?
I believe that three principles form a foundation for any successful UX project: user-centered design approaches, data-driven decisions and debates, and sufficient time allocated to developing a clear foundational understanding before starting any work.

These principles lead to more successful projects by ensuring that we choose the right approach for the problem at hand and create solutions that our users will care about. It also mitigates tedious rework and team tensions by creating a more structured and thought out approach.