Hey there, I'm Karl, a UX designer currently based in South Africa. I am passionate about user-centered design and innovation that can make a real impact on people's lives and on society.

My top 5 strengths

  • Identifying the unique needs of each user, allowing me to create personalised solutions that meet their specific requirements.
  • Building strong relationships with clients and colleagues, and thrive in collaborative work environments.
  • Curiosity that drives me to constantly seek out information, keeping me on top of emerging trends and best practices.
  • Developing effective plans and execute them in a timely and efficient manner, ensuring that projects are completed on schedule and meet the highest standards of quality.
  • Creative and critical thinking enabling me to generate innovative ideas and solutions to complex problems.

With these strengths identified in the Clifton Strengths Test, I aim to create innovative and user-friendly designs that meet the needs of clients and users alike.

How I got here

I started my career by exploring various fields, such as visual design, digital marketing, and website design and development. These experiences provided a solid foundation for much of the work that I do today. 
Driven by my curiosity, I also pursued studies in various subjects along the way, including psychology, engineering, and Human-Computer Interaction. Over time, I discovered that UX design was the perfect intersection of my interests and skills and allows me to quench my thirst for solving complex problems and working with interesting people.

Some values I live by

I am committed to maintaining close collaboration with teams and stakeholders to ensure better products and work experiences.
I wear my heart on my sleeve and believe that being your authentic self is the best way to make meaningful connections.
A picture of Karl sitting on the beach with the ocean in the background. His favourite place.
I strive to reliably deliver on the commitments that I make and to have my team's back.
I aim to maintain a methodical and adaptive approach in order to ensure high quality work.

What others have said

"...I would highly recommend Karl to anyone looking for a UX professional who is truly passionate about creating outstanding experiences for users. He's a pleasure to work with and brings a level of expertise and dedication to his work that is truly inspiring."
Coworker | LinkedIn
"Was so awesome working with Karl, he created my website and I am super happy!
He is talented, efficient and very knowledgeable. Thank you Karl I will definitely recommend you!"
Client | Website creation
"...I experienced Karl as a methodical, creative and intelligent UX designer who digs deep to find the real problem behind a matter. He can continuously zoom in and out of a problem to keep context and relevance without losing focus of the details."
Coworker | LinkedIn